The unfolding of your words gives light . . . (Psalm 119:130)

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Follow HimRealAudioMP3 (248 K)SPX (91 K)
The ChristRealAudioMP3 (247 K)SPX (90 K)
Prophet JesusRealAudioMP3 (246 K)SPX (91 K)
He Calls Us To HimselfRealAudioMP3 (241 K)SPX (89 K)
The Means Of Making PeaceRealAudioMP3 (247 K)SPX (89 K)
Obsolete PriestsRealAudioMP3 (256 K)SPX (88 K)
Clothing Of DistinctionRealAudioMP3 (242 K)SPX (90 K)
A Priest ForeverRealAudioMP3 (268 K)SPX (95 K)
Exhale And InhaleRealAudioMP3 (246 K)SPX (87 K)
A King For The PeopleRealAudioMP3 (248 K)SPX (92 K)
The Lordship Of ChristRealAudioMP3 (243 K)SPX (90 K)
Eternal RedemptionRealAudioMP3 (246 K)SPX (89 K)
Confidence In JesusRealAudioMP3 (244 K)SPX (90 K)
Your WorthRealAudioMP3 (241 K)SPX (89 K)
Gone Our Own WayRealAudioMP3 (241 K)SPX (88 K)
You And JesusRealAudioMP3 (246 K)SPX (90 K)
The Folly Of PrideRealAudioMP3 (245 K)SPX (90 K)
Put It Into PracticeRealAudioMP3 (250 K)SPX (90 K)
The Second DeathRealAudioMP3 (233 K)SPX (86 K)
Forgiveness In Jesus NameRealAudioMP3 (237 K)SPX (88 K)
The Big SleepRealAudioMP3 (223 K)SPX (83 K)
The Devil Builds A WallRealAudioMP3 (238 K)SPX (88 K)
The Source Of Real StrengthRealAudioMP3 (225 K)SPX (83 K)
Guidance And CounselingRealAudioMP3 (249 K)SPX (91 K)
Ask The Lord In FaithRealAudioMP3 (243 K)SPX (91 K)
Why All This Talk About Blood?RealAudioMP3 (235 K)SPX (88 K)
Willingly HumbledRealAudioMP3 (259 K)SPX (95 K)
From The CatacombsRealAudioMP3 (232 K)SPX (86 K)
My Word Shall Not Pass AwayRealAudioMP3 (219 K)SPX (81 K)
Our God Is In The HeavensRealAudioMP3 (238 K)SPX (88 K)

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ImageAbout This Author
Pastor Walter Schaller originally recorded these one-minute devotionals for radio broadcast in Lemmon, SD between 1987 and 1997. Pastor Schaller now serves Mt. Zion Lutheran Church in Royal Oak, MI.

This site offers a number of devotional commentaries on the Bible, covering a variety of topics. As the title indicates, each one is quite short, taking approximately one minute to hear or read. Use them at the start or end of your day – or anywhere in between.

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If you would like to contact someone regarding this website, inquiries may be directed to Pastor David Schaller.